Boy do these jeans make my *ss look fabulous!

I’m a petite woman, but a curvy girl. This baby’s got back. So finding jeans is somewhat frustrating and heartbreaking. As all women know, the search for a pair of jeans that fit, is more elusive than the search for the holy grail. I tried on no less than 100 pairs of jeans in my quest, everything from the super cheap to the supremely pricey. Nada. Then Old Navy announced their $19 jeans for all event and I was enthralled and excited. Could it be possible that I could not only find jeans that fit,but reasonably priced as well? Could it be so?

So I trek off to the mega mall from hell, and pull a dozen pairs in different sizes and cuts to try on. To my utter amazement, I actually found not one, but three pairs that fit my bootylicious rear & curvy hips perfectly. Man, did my A*s look fabulous! I was in heaven! I danced out of the dressing room and practically kissed the attendant.

So the next day I threw on those bad-boys and went out to run my errands. I had to hit the Post Office to mail a few packages. While at the counter, shooting the breeze with my fave mail carriers, some woman drives up to the parking space in front of the window, pulls out a camera & takes a picture. But was even more odd, was that she shot very low, below counter height so she wasn’t getting anyone’s faces in the shot. And then drove away. So the Mail carriers said “I wonder what she was taking a picture of?” My response “well, I did get these new jeans, and my *ss does look fabulous in them… ;)” We all cracked up!

Never did figure out what she took a picture of, but the right pair of jeans certainly did make my day a whole lot better!


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