Chain of fools

This is more like a pharmacy chain of fools 😉 Never seen this level of incompetence EVER. Walgreens Mail Order Rx gets the complete A*shat of the Year Award. <shaking my head> They follow their f-ups with bigger f-ups. SMH  I am forced to order certain meds this way because of our craptastic insurance. They f-up EVERY-SINGLE-TIME and this was by far the most ridiculous. They held up the initial order which was placed weeks ago (well in …advance of when I’d run out), because the pharmacist had a question about the unusual dosing & NEVER CALLED the doc (they’ve documented that on their end & admit it) which is so absurd, because it has been filled that way for over a year. Then when the issue wasn’t resolved (meaning the pharmacist never called & took it out of pending) they CANCELLED the order. I never got the meds & was beginning to run out, so I call & was told it was cancelled. I then had to place the order AGAIN. But they wouldn’t allow me to fill a bridge-script in the local pharmacy–rejected it outright but assured me I’d get the meds prior to running out. No such luck. And then they pull this crap with falsifying ship dates of RX’s over state lines. I’ve already called the FDA’s watch line and put in a complaint for fraudulent practices.

I got an email about 20 mins after I filed the complaint with the FDA saying an emergency supply has been approved at no charge @ a local Walgreens. Sure it has now that you are being investigated. Stupid M-f-ers.

Being generous and giving them 3 hrs to fill the script, I called, they said they were ready. Pile the boys into my truck and head to the Walgreens.  I get there, and I’m told they only filled enough for 3 days.  THREE DAYS?!?!? There are 5 days between now and Tuesday.  Who the hell is so damn stupid they cannot count up to 5.  Five fingers on one hand.  It wasn’t the pharmacist’s fault, but it is the fault of the customer service stupervisor I spoke with.  So I call once again and unleash a tirade like none other.  I wish I had it on tape–it was a work of art.  The boys were snickering in the back seat.  I finally got the stupidvisor to correct the error & phone in an increase and document all of this, I let the pharmacist know it was fixed & rolled up the window.  So to set the stage: I just got finished chewing these people a new orifice while on the cell sitting in the drive thru pharmacy, with my kids in the car (they were cracking up!).  I turn the radio back up,   And The All American Rejects “Gives you hell” is on the radio.  I was so pissed off, and the moment I heard that song, I cracked up laughing.  The boys were laughing with me 😉  Totally busted me out of my fierce mood in an instant.  A real good laugh is what I needed to cure what was ailing me 🙂