Somehow this is MY life has turned into it NOT being about it being MY life

OK, my last post offended some people who took things very personally. Namely my husband who my post was not particularily aimed at. I was griping IN GENERAL that I was feeling like Samantha from “Sixteen Candles” and no one was acknowleging the fact that she exists. A big part of this frustration lies in the fact that my Mom is gone and she took care of things like this. She was the first call on my birthday and I never had to worry about my birthday going unnoticed just because it fell during the blasted holiday season. In the last two years making it to this point has been a question mark at times so I guess it is just hitting me harder than most. And NO it isn’t a mid-life crisis. Shit I’m thankful to just be alive at this point. And I don’t want a big party or a ton of hoopla. I just want to do something special, and it seems like no one wants to even put any time or effort to even thinking about it. But this isn’t directed at you BRAD. You have too much on your plate already.


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  1. Lindsay L.
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 15:31:21

    Amy- I’m so sorry to hear how upset you are. 40 IS a big deal & I know it won’t go unnoticed and uncelebrated. I know it’s been a really hard few years and we love you so much and it sucks to hear all this, but you’re right-getting it out/writing it down can be cathartic but know that if you ever need to, you can come directly to us/me- THAT is what family is for. I’ve already started wracking my brain for creative ways to celebrate the big 4-0 because I, like you, LOVE to be surprised and love creative gifts. 🙂 I hope today was a better day and that tomorrow brings sunshine your way even though the weather is supposed to be crappy.


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