My little Conman-in-training

My children are precious to me.  Really they are.  I love them to bits, even when they make me want to pull out every hair on my head.  But I have to say my younger child is going to either drive me to a stay in the local private mental hospital, or make me very rich from his potential acting career that I could manage. 

He has turned into quite the little conman-in-training.  Why, you may ask would I ever put such a moniker on my own precious child?  Because he is a charismatic, manipulative little bugger who can cry on command and stop just as quickly.  At 9.5 yrs old, he can enter a room full of strangers, and ‘work the room’ until he knows everyone and they KNOW him.  Everyone thinks he is adorable.  I know he’s a little devil 😉  I’m told he’s my “payback kid” and sadly, I have to own up to the fact, he is.  But with each generation, being stronger, smarter, faster–he is a bit more devious than I was.  Good thing I have more years on him, an he can’t get much past me.  I have his number–and he knows it.  Now I just need the number for a good agent so I can get that acting career going and harness these skills for good, rather than evil.


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