45 days in a month?? When did that change happen?!

I’m learning new things every day. There are new words in the english language. Styles of clothing, music on the radio, but the far most interesting fact was that there are 45 days in a month. Now, you are probably scratching your head right now. Right? So am I. I have to take a crap-load of meds for my various health issues. This requires me to go through the mail order pharmacy for my insurance to effectively rape me for the cost, but the only way they’ll pay for some of them is to go this route, so I comply. Every single month there is some sort of disaster involved with this mail order process. This month it was especially entertaining. Frustrating, but entertaining nonetheless. I attempt to process the order online to no avail. The online ordering system seems to be FUBAR, and just keeps sending me back to the login screen. So, I call the customer service number, and they tell me that in the interest of time to just take it to the local store and get it filled. No problem, I’ll gladly do it. So I drop off the bottle for them to transfer the Rx and fill it. When I go the next day to pick it up, they tell me it is 15 days too early to fill it. Uhhhhh, NO, I’m out and it is not too early, look at the date on the bottle. They tell me to call customer service. So, I call. The girl I speak with first informs me the reason they can’t fill it yet is because there are 45 days in a month and it has only been 30. WTF?!?! I respond, “There are NOT 45 days in a month, only 30 or 31 depending on the month!” and she got very indignant with me. So now I’m laughing, I said, “on what planet are there 45 days in a month?” She says,”earth.” I said ,”not in the Julian calendar.” Her response, “what is the julian calendar?” By this point, my sarcasm is beyond biting and I can barely control myself. Bitch please, are you THAT stupid! Yikes. So I sang her the little song, “30 days has September, April, June and November…” and she is STILL insisting that there are 45 days in a month. Asshat. So I said “there may be 45 days in your cycle but not in a calendar month. Google it, look at any calendar on the wall and count the squares, but I assure you there are not 45 days.” Then asked for a supervisor and told her to stay on the line while I talked to her boss. So the supervisor gets on, and I told her what happened and her response, “there are NOT 45 days in a month! Who told you THAT?!” I said, “your employee who just passed me off to you. You may want to train her a bit better.” So these are the people that still have jobs out there. Yet there are tons of qualified people searching. 45 days in a month. If that were true, so much more would get done.