Getting my feet back under me

It has been a bit since my last blog post.  Wow, that almost sounds like a Catholic confession which is kind of funny because A) I am Jewish and B) It does just happen to be a Jewish holiday (Purim).  Back on January 28th, on what started out to be a very mundane task of going to the grocery store, ended with me on the receiving end of a brain injury.  How, you may ask?  I did a little ‘redneck ice skating’ unintentionally on some black ice on my driveway, and landed on my head.  Of course, because I ALWAYS seem to land on my head.  Seemed like a simple concussion, but as those of you who know me well, nothing is EVER simple 🙂  Four days later, I am in the hospital with a brain hemhorrage.  Ironically, the one thing that saves my life, the fact I had that brain tumor in 2002 and it left me with an egg sized hole in my brain–right where the bleeding was happening.  Who would think a brain tumor would be lucky.  So, now almost 2 months later, and I am back to the ‘old’ me, give or take a few braincells that have escaped in the process 😉

This weekend I got to go to do a little celebrating with my family up in New Jersey.  Our family is so blessed to have four boys celebrating their bar mitzvahs this year.  All of my first cousins on this side of my family all had a baby the same year I had my first.  It is so special for us to have this abundance of celebration and joy in one year, and for the boys to get to experience it together.  Everyone was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t make it, but I said I’d be there, and I was!  Don’t they know I’ll come even if I have to be wheeled in on a guerney! LOL. One thing that people kept saying was “you look great” or “you have such a great outlook–keep laughing”.  I laugh, first, I am one hot mess before I put on my face.  God bless the folks at Bare Minerals, that stuff is amazing!  It is smoke and mirrors, but, I truly feel so much better once I have my ‘face’ on.  Second, laughter is what keeps me going.  I can truly find humor in ANYTHING.  Really I can.  It is those around me that keep me laughing by either laughing with me or at me.  If it wasn’t for friends & family, I’d never be able to keep smiling and laughing my fool head off!  Yes, I am a tough cookie, but you need to not take yourself or things too seriously.  Don’t worry until you are told to worry, and don’t live life waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Live for the now.  And KEEP LAUGHING it is much more fun than a pity party, I promise 🙂


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  1. oldancestor
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 13:41:54

    Eh, too many brain cells spoils the broth, I say. They’re like gold fish. If you crowd them out, they won’t grow properly. Wouldn’t you rather have fewer, plumper brain cells?

    That said, if you’re one of those folks who does the backward jerk-and-slam when you fall on ice (I’ve seen it happen at the rink plenty of times) I suggest you walk with your knees slightly bent and your ankles and hips vertically aligned. You won’t fall backward.

    Just a little friendly advice from your random passing ship, OA.


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