I have now learned when NOT to go to the SuperWalmart & it isn’t when you think…

So, in my mania of trying to get ready for my surgery next week, I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row. My days have been filled with endless amounts of laundry (how do these smelly boys in my house make so much?!), list making, getting all the bills into bill pay (obsessive compulsive I know, but you never know…) and today I HAD to get a pedicure. Yes, I HAD to. Face it, I’m not going to be able to do it myself for awhile, and it is now sandal season. Plus, I am THAT vain. Hard to believe, I know, but I am. Girl has to have some priorities πŸ™‚ So, I figured once the Man came home, and everyone was fed (and the 9 millionth load of laundry was folded), I’d hit the store for groceries. Now, I normally hit a regular grocery store, during the day. This accomplishes a grocery shop without a ton of people slowing me down, and I can do it sans kiddos. Again, I know, totally decadent of me. Ha. The Man is always suggesting I take the kids with me to help. Is he nuts?! Them bickering down every aisle, and begging for every single thing they don’t need is not a bit of help to me, and certainly not the least bit enjoyable or even tolerable. It would just drive me to drink and he wouldn’t want me taking a GNO every night πŸ™‚ I needed some, non-grocery items (a few new towels & such) since my wonderful friend has generously volunteered to stay at my insane asylum and help out when I first get home from the hospital. So, SuperWalmart became my destination tonight. I timed my trips between tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm alerts & rainstorms–since when did Maryland turn into Washington State? This meant heading out at 8pm. Huge mistake. Store was empty, which rocked, but the only carts IN the store (which meant they were dry) were the rickety ones that rattled so hard your teeth came loose, or steered you left into displays. Second issue was the fact the shelves were picked clean & they weren’t going to re-stock until 6am. Oops. The third and best of all, were the surly employees that were stalking the shoppers & giving them the stink-eye and not very subtly having conversations about how it was getting close to 9pm and they wanted to go home. Well unhappy campers, the store closes @ 9:30 and it is 8:30. You have an hour to go, back the fuck off. Despite all the strikes against my poorly planned trip, I still managed to fill the cart, but didn’t get everything on my list. Lesson learned, stick to my routine. Either go during the day, or on the weekend for a few ‘peaceful’ kid-free moments.


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