Adjectives…or how do you define yourself?

Adjectives. Funny little words that describe things. Lots of words could be used to describe me. Short, blonde, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, granddaughter, niece, wife, silly, some call me funny, crazy, bitch (bring it on!), biting, sarcastic (this one I love!). Others call me witty (why, I’m not sure–got to have wits for that!), positive, inspirational, strong. Now the last few puzzle me at times. I do keep a positive attitude, yes. Why be negative? All it does is drag down the others around you and make you feel like shit as well. I don’t like pity parties, and I sure as hell won’t throw one myself. A pity party is a party that no one likes to attend!

Now, I have a bunch of other adjectives that I refuse to let define me. In fact, I’ve spent a good amount of my life trying to NOT allow them to overpower my statuesque 5’1″ frame. Those adjectives all center around being sick. I have several chronic illnesses which all feed off each other. The medical communtity has a horrible adjective for this type of situation and that is: co-morbid. How horrific is THAT word! I would like to bitch slap the mo-fo that thought up that word. Way to knock someone who is down. But I don’t let my problems overpower me. Most people who see me never know anything is wrong with me. In fact, they are usually shocked because the cover belies what is within. You truly cannot judge a book by it’s cover with me 🙂 It is all smoke and mirrors baby! I joke that I pray to the gods @ Sephora and Bare Minerals is the best thing since sliced bread (it is so true ladies!) but it helps me to feel better when I look good. My doctors have said to me “you look so healthy, so beautiful but when I look at your chart, I think what a train wreck.” Thanks bud, love ya too! But, that is my intent. I’d rather look good because I feel better when I do. Power of the positive mind.

So, think about how you define yourself? Don’t let the negative things define you. When you are dealt a blow, it isn’t the end of the world, and it shouldn’t define who YOU are. Be it a diagnosis of an illness, being let go from a job, whatever. Instead, ask for, or work towards a solution. Throwing a pity party and asking “Why me?” won’t get you anywhere. Instead put on some lipstick, your best shoes, and take the next steps.


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