Has this year been a turkey or one to give thanks?

With all that has gone on in this insanity that I call my world, one might ask “has this year been a total turkey or one to give thanks for?” Well, being that I’m slightly twisted, and prefer to look at things from a more positive or comical side, I’d say totally one to be thankful for. Now is where you say “girl, you’ve lost your ever loving mind.” No, not really. True I have been dealt more than my share of shit-bombs, curveballs, and frying pans upside the head, which may explain my delusion that the year wasn’t so bad. But, I do have more than my share of things to be thankful for. I have a super-amazing family who have been more than supportive of me through all of my myriad of health crises which I know have scared the beejeebus out of them–more than it did me. My husband, children, parents, sister, inlaws, cousins, aunts and uncles, have all given support from near and far. I also am blessed with some phenomenal friends who support and inspire me in so many ways. But at times it was really hard on all of them. Some of them feeling helpless and really stressing much more than I did over the hurdles I was facing. I have a very interesting, you may say odd, way off looking at all of these ‘issues’ I’m forced to deal with. I’d rather laugh than cry. Period, end of story. I find humor in everything–absolutely everything. My philosophy consists of two main ideals: 1) a pity party is one that no one wants to go to, and 2) misery does NOT love company. Laughter is more fun than crying. Face it, I am somewhat an enigma–you see me on the street and I appear a youthful, healthy, fairly attractive woman. Inside this shell is a medical trainwreck. My doctor jokes with me that I’m an entire season of episodes of

    HOUSE, M.D.

. That’s me, Amy, Medical Mystery. I am on my way to being the bionic woman! But regardless of all of the health nightmares I dealt with, and boy were there doozies this year, I am still here laughing with (and at) all of you. I may have lost a few brain cells this year with the brain bleed, lost some of my vision, had my boobs removed and then had them reconstructed over & over again (and again…and again) then most recently had an obstruction which landed me in the hospital again. But, I am STILL here to laugh about it. I was even released from the hospital in time to see the Ravens game and cheer them to VICTORY!!

Bottom line is this, count your blessings instead of all the little things that can get you down. Or even the big things that can overwhelm you. The week I had my most recent surgery, My 90 yr old Nana was in the hospital, I was having surgery, my father was having surgery, and my younger son was in and out of the ER for multiple fainting episodes. Did I fall apart? NO. We are all here, happy, fine, and laughing about how loud his cardiac reporting monitor will be should he set it off in class (and he probably will just for grins and giggles). That thing will scare the shit out of his teachers! I’m out of the hospital, feeling OK, healing from the surgery, and will be spending thanksgiving with my friends and family giving thanks for all of them being in my life. Please, all of you do the same.



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