The Elections are coming! The Elections are coming!

Can I just say the next presidential election scares the ever loving shit out of me?  Of course I can, this is my blog.  That was rhetorical.  But the truth is the cast of characters is frightening.  Herman Cain is like a one man sexual harrassment machine.  I can just hear his campaign music now…James Brown’s “I feel Good!”  Rick Perry is imploding by the moment.  Newt Gingrich?  Really?! Seriously!  He’s a clusterfuck all tied up in a bow.  Now we get to Tea Party Barbie…Michelle Bachmann.  Ahhhh, my favorite idiot.  Her campaign song could be “I am an American Idiot!”  Then again, she really didn’t like the song chosen for her on Jimmy Fallon 😉  I thought it was brilliant if not a bit cruel.  But, you go on a COMEDIAN’s talk show and you don’t expect to be poked fun of?? Really woman, get a grip!  You think this is tough, wait until the real campaigning heats up and the mudslinging commercials start.  I think they could probably put one of those giant inflatables up, give it a name, and it would get a better polling number at this point.  It would be full of hot air, have strings that are able to be pulled by the right and left, and not talk back.  The perfect candidate for both parties!


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