Mean people suck! Do school yard bullies ever grow out of it…or just become @sshats & b*tches as adults?

Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s global warming, but people seem to be getting meaner and meaner without apology. It seems as if they have a ‘free pass’ because they feel wronged in some way. Obama’s in office, so I can be an @sshat. Gas is close to $4.00/gal I’m going to be a real beeyotch today. What I am noticing lately is a proliferation (like that big word…huh, huh) is girlfriends picking on their girlfriends. For NO reason whatsoever. If they are prettier, they must find the girlfriends one insecurity and exploit it. If she is thinner, and has body image issues from long ago, pick apart her wardrobe. Woman are talking about each other behind their backs like highschoolers. Really?!?! GROW UP! Then when it is done to them it is a mortal sin. Hypocrisy. Spreading lies about one another to divide the group. All of these things are bullying and are hurtful. IT NEEDS TO STOP. It isn’t right to do to another child or teen, and certainly not to another adult. If you are a woman preying on one of your girlfriends because you have sucky self esteem, get a therapist and figure your sh*t out and stop driving your girlfriends into therapy you mean beeyotch. Enough excuses people. The time has come to be kind to one another. Yes, our economy sucks. The previous president, and the banks left us in a lurch. Congress nailed the coffin shut by deciding to behave like petulant children the last few years and deadlocking any progress. We CAN do a few things: Be nice to one another, get out and VOTE new representation in, do a good turn daily–it IS contagious. But stop the madness. Give up the grudges and petty fighting over stupid sh*t, vendettas, campaigns of slander against your girlfriends and be nice for a change.



New Year…starting over again….with another boobtastrophy

Well on a positive note, it is a new year! I thought on November 7th,2011 I was going to be ending the year complete. I was finally able to have the expansion chamber (aka torture chamber or the planetary boob) removed and the implant put back in. I finally had my complete set of barbie foobs again. No, I did not make a typo…I meant it when I typed foob. Fake boob…foob, my own shorthand. I make up my own words to suit my needs all the time. Just call me Webster, hell I’m just about as tall as the character on TV but a hell of a lot cuter and better dressed with great shoes! Healing was progressing well, I even had my own personal “dropping of the foob” going–who needed Times Square with me around!

Everything was going according to plan, and on schedule to get my Tit-tats done by the amazing Deirdre Aikin from Body Mod in Annapolis MD. Check out their work @ if you get a chance…the shop is owned by some friends of mine (May and Sammy Mirkin) and they do killer work their and probably one of the best shops I’ve ever seen design-wise in the country. I’m a total design geek being an artist myself, and this shop is total eye candy. The people there couldn’t be nicer. Plus they get great “guest artists” who come in for a week or two at time including Chris Nunez from Miami Ink.

Then the night before my birthday I got bumped into during the course of the evening. Nothing major, just bumped into and I got a bruise. No big deal or so I thought. I kept an eye on it, and over the next week or so, as the bruise faded, it began to get a bit of a ‘depression’ in the center and the coloring was odd. So off to the surgeon I went. He confirmed my suspicions…it wasn’t a good thing. Let’s watch it. Grrrr. I knew it wouldn’t end well, but I followed his lead. Hindsight is 20/20, but needless to say, New Year’s eve it ruptured and you could see the implant clearly. Like a window to my soul. Ugh.

January 2nd, go to the surgeon and he says we need to take care of this ASAP. Well, he flip flopped all over the place more than a fish out of water. I end up going for a second opinion with a fabulous female plastic surgeon and she opens my eyes to other reconstructive options because doing the same thing is futile. My surgeon then suggests another surgeon at Hopkins. I feel so blessed to have the best hospital in the world (and it is, according to experts voting year after year) right in my backyard. I end up in his care and he takes on my case.

January 17th, my implant is finally removed and to say that it had a negative effect on me is probably an understatement. Most women have to go thru a mastectomy once, maybe twice if they have the two breasts done separately. I’ve now had it done 5 times. And I’m now on my 6th reconstruction on the Right breast. I’ve been living without a right breast now for 2 weeks, going on 3 and I still haven’t gotten used to it. I feel like humpty dumpty. My next surgery is February 7th and they will rebuilding me by using my own tissue and skin. So hopefully I will spring no more leaks!