Mean people suck! Do school yard bullies ever grow out of it…or just become @sshats & b*tches as adults?

Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s global warming, but people seem to be getting meaner and meaner without apology. It seems as if they have a ‘free pass’ because they feel wronged in some way. Obama’s in office, so I can be an @sshat. Gas is close to $4.00/gal I’m going to be a real beeyotch today. What I am noticing lately is a proliferation (like that big word…huh, huh) is girlfriends picking on their girlfriends. For NO reason whatsoever. If they are prettier, they must find the girlfriends one insecurity and exploit it. If she is thinner, and has body image issues from long ago, pick apart her wardrobe. Woman are talking about each other behind their backs like highschoolers. Really?!?! GROW UP! Then when it is done to them it is a mortal sin. Hypocrisy. Spreading lies about one another to divide the group. All of these things are bullying and are hurtful. IT NEEDS TO STOP. It isn’t right to do to another child or teen, and certainly not to another adult. If you are a woman preying on one of your girlfriends because you have sucky self esteem, get a therapist and figure your sh*t out and stop driving your girlfriends into therapy you mean beeyotch. Enough excuses people. The time has come to be kind to one another. Yes, our economy sucks. The previous president, and the banks left us in a lurch. Congress nailed the coffin shut by deciding to behave like petulant children the last few years and deadlocking any progress. We CAN do a few things: Be nice to one another, get out and VOTE new representation in, do a good turn daily–it IS contagious. But stop the madness. Give up the grudges and petty fighting over stupid sh*t, vendettas, campaigns of slander against your girlfriends and be nice for a change.



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