A new start…

February 7th, I had my 5th breast reconstruction.  Yeah, #5.  Except this time, I had an amazing surgeon that actually knew what he was doing.  Ooooh, did I say that out loud?  From the moment I was brought up to my room after the recovery area, the nurses were coming in to gawk at my reconstruction.  Seriously.  Which was pretty funny after awhile because they had to check the ‘flap’ every hour, so I had a stream of people checking me out.  I probably had a janitor, and someone from the cafeteria looking at some point, and I’d never know. lol 

The recovery from this surgery has been quite a bit harder due to the abdominal donor site–boy does that hurt like a mo-fo.  I’m walking hunched over like a 90yr old and living in track suits.  I pretty much look like I’m ready for the assisted living facility!  They seem to have pretty nice amenities at most of these places, so…sign me up 😉  Ha!  I’m just ready to go back to living a normal life whatever that is.

We did make one other new start…we rescued an 11month old pug/chihuahua cross puppy.  He is absolutely adorable with an enormous personality.  How he ended up in a kill shelter, and then in a rescue, I can’t imagine.  He is absolutely delicious!  Our other rescues, a Chihuahua, and a puggle (both 5yrs old) weren’t entirely sure about him the first day, but now  LOVE him.  He is great comic relief and a wonderful furry nursemaid 🙂

So, here is to new boobs, new puppies, and fresh Imagestarts…


Where did THAT come from??

My men, both small and large, have an issue…putting movies back in their boxes.  It has been the source of much aggravation.  Every single time I go to look for movie, it becomes an hour long search because movies are either : a) not in a box, or b) not in the correct box.  Really, it takes the same amount of time to put the movie in the correct box as the wrong one!!  Lol.

  I’m not a yelling parent, I really only scream if I can’t get thru to them, or their life is at risk.  A few months ago, I spent literally 4 hrs putting about 180 movies back into their correct homes…without assistance.  At this point, both spawn swore that it would NEVER happen again, or they would sacrifice valuable things to me.  My spawn are almost 11 and 13… Old enough to handle this and follow thru.

Well, they all fell short. On Xmas eve we wanted to watch a movie, I was asked to find it, and same old sh*t.  Movies were all helter skelter.  To say I was pissed off is the understatment of the Millenium.    I flipped Out!! 

During the flip out, I discovered a ton of missing movies and boxes.  I asked both boys to search their messy rooms.  Spawn #1 found 1.  Spawn #2, who is an incredible slob, insisted he had none. NONE.

Today while I was assisting Spawn 2 clean his pit of a room, I found 23 movies and boxes.  TWENTY THREE that weren’t in there :). Funny that I found movies that didn’t exist :). Amazing what you can find if you just keep things tidy.

I’m about to be reorganized :) and I’m not talking about my closets…

If you have been following along in my crazy saga, you know I’ve had a bit of an issue with my mastectomy reconstruction.  Well…that is sort of the understatement of the century.  I’ve had 5 failed reconstructions.  Tomorrow, I will be undergoing another reconstruction but this time it will be with a new surgeon, and a totally different type of surgery. 

Right now, I’m feeling anxious, but more than anything, I just would like to be able to move on with my life.  I have lived the entire past 12 months recovering from some sort of serious injury or a surgery…this will be the 6th surgery in that time period.  Not asking for pity…really!  I just want to be able to get out, have fun with my kids, make vacation plans and actually be able to swim on said vacation!! 

I’m positive about this surgery.  It should give me my body back, my life back, and I’ll get a fringe benefit of a tummy tuck from the transplant donor site out of it ;). Have to look for the silver lining in those clouds!

So as I sit here frantically making lists for last minute details, and trying to get things done, think a positive thought or prayer if you are so inclined for me…I can use all the good luck I can get tomorrow 🙂