A new start…

February 7th, I had my 5th breast reconstruction.  Yeah, #5.  Except this time, I had an amazing surgeon that actually knew what he was doing.  Ooooh, did I say that out loud?  From the moment I was brought up to my room after the recovery area, the nurses were coming in to gawk at my reconstruction.  Seriously.  Which was pretty funny after awhile because they had to check the ‘flap’ every hour, so I had a stream of people checking me out.  I probably had a janitor, and someone from the cafeteria looking at some point, and I’d never know. lol 

The recovery from this surgery has been quite a bit harder due to the abdominal donor site–boy does that hurt like a mo-fo.  I’m walking hunched over like a 90yr old and living in track suits.  I pretty much look like I’m ready for the assisted living facility!  They seem to have pretty nice amenities at most of these places, so…sign me up 😉  Ha!  I’m just ready to go back to living a normal life whatever that is.

We did make one other new start…we rescued an 11month old pug/chihuahua cross puppy.  He is absolutely adorable with an enormous personality.  How he ended up in a kill shelter, and then in a rescue, I can’t imagine.  He is absolutely delicious!  Our other rescues, a Chihuahua, and a puggle (both 5yrs old) weren’t entirely sure about him the first day, but now  LOVE him.  He is great comic relief and a wonderful furry nursemaid 🙂

So, here is to new boobs, new puppies, and fresh Imagestarts…


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