Words, words, words…and how I use them

If you read my blog, or any of my writing, you can probably tell, I don’t hold much back.  I let my words fly, as fast as my little fingers can keep up on the keys.  One word of advice, don’t try to read between the lines with me.  I’m literal.    I don’t use veiled comments often, if I want to say something, I do.  If I am one thing, it is bold.  When I have spoken in previous posts of my heartache on Valentine’s Day, I was being literal, but if you took the time to actually READ, you would discover my heartache was over the loss of my MOTHER the day after Valentine’s day.  .

When I spoke of discarded “lovers” in another post, I was talking about my Chihuahua, Skippyjonjones’ discarded “lovers”–my dirty panties.  Another .

The fact I have to explain my own words in MY blog is hilarious to me.  Maybe reading comprehension should be part of driver’s license renewal requirements along with vision tests…



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