The not so endless summer

When you are a kid, summer seems a world away during the school year.  Then once it arrives, the break can drag on if you don’t have fun activities awaiting you.  As an adult, a day is a day.  Summer just can present new logistical nightmares with the kids out of school, and crying boredom at every turn.  So, as parents, we madly scramble to fill up their days with camp and playdates. 

Now, if your family is anything like mine, there are wrinkles.  One child is more independent, money is a bit tight, etc…  But this year we had a whole new monkey wrench thrown in, injuries. Both boys had broken their arms.  Before you go calling DCS on me, it is much too boring to even bother.  Younger spawn broke his arm on Mother’s day skateboarding @ Dad’s house…without the pads we bought him.  He thankfully wore the helmet, but out of adult eyes, he decided his thrice broken hand did not need a wrist guard.  Silly parents for buying them!  Now the older Boy’s arm happened at the hand of the younger spawn.  Or shall I say the CAST of his brother.  In a small scuffle, younger brother goes to hit his older brother with the CAST, and big Bro blocks with his left.  Well…the block ended up costing him in the form of a broken arm.  A broken ulna to be exact.  So, when #2 son goes to get his 1/2 arm cast off & brace on, #1 son gets a full arm cast put on.

So I bet you are wondering, what does this have to do with camp.  Most sleepaway camps are heavily loaded with sports related activities.  Which under regular conditions would be great, but for two broken kids, in various states of recovery, not so great.  The counselors are young, told to get everyone participating, and the kids are forced to do the activities even if they don’t want to…and my kids would want to, but couldn’t.  So therein lies the problem.  I had to find a sleepaway camp not heavily sportsloaded.

In the end, I did.  Habanim Dror Camp Moshava.  The boys went for a full four weeks and loved it.  And that says a lot considering it was their first sleepaway camp experience other than a one week Boy Scout camp.  They are full of camp stories, talking to camp friends, and already are looking forward to next summer!

Now the school year is upon us, and the craziness sets in of a Double transition: Up to Middle school, and up to high school.  A lot of change has gone on in our household this year, and I think this will probably be the one that will take the most time to adjust to.  Not that separation, death, new relationships, aren’t difficult, but greater responsibilities will impact the kids a bit harder this fall.  They are great kids though, and as a team, we will sail thru this transition.