The Boys of Summer

Hats off to the Orioles.  For the first time since 1997, they took us to the playoffs.  Which is amazing alone, but with a team full of virtual “no names”, it is just short of miraculous.  I grew up watching the glory days of Orioles magic with my Dad and Pop-pop. So, seeing this magic return was well, magical.  Especially now that my boys are enjoying watching baseball.  Baltimore is a city rich in sports history.  We are the birthplace of Babe Ruth afterall.  So to see the excitement and magic return around the Orioles, reminded me of the fun I had watching games with my Grandfather who truly loved baseball.  Recently even ESPN even said that Baltimore has the best fans not only in the NFL, but also in MLB.  We have two great teams to be proud of, that play in two top-notch stadiums, and even the players from the two teams root for each other!! Now THAT is sports unity! 

Maybe our political leaders could learn something from this.  You don’t have to play for the same team, but you can still support one another 🙂


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