Before you gossip about others, think about what they have on you. . .

To all the gossips, when you talk -ish about others, do you not have a moments worry that someone may open their mouth about you? To all those women scorned who think they have a lifetime of karma they can exercise, are you without any skeletons in your closet? And do you think they will NEVER come LOUDLY RATTLING out? NO ONE is perfect!! NO ONE! And others out there know your DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS you don’t want your friends or YOUR KIDS to know. Karma is one helluva bitch, and so are those you are incessantly talking s#*t about at all the wrong places. When your enemies know all your dirty little secrets, it is a dangerous game. One you may not want to continue playing. You had your fun, time to grow up, act your age, and move on. Just FYI, men find this behavior abhorrent. So if you ever want to be able to keep a man, cut this ratchety behavior out! No man wants to f_&k a vagina with teeth. And you my dear, are one giant walking vagina with teeth.


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  1. lifesabanquet1
    Jun 13, 2014 @ 07:44:42

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