Hijacking others’ Family Events, and other tales of Classless Women

    An open letter to all of the scorn birds out there…

    Ok, no one in this world is ever perfect. I am certainly one of those people. Never have pretended to be perfect, although I certainly have strived to be. But I digress… Being an ahem… 40 something women going thru a divorce, I have made some stumbles getting to some new found happiness. I admit it. But heed my warning, don’t ever call someone out, unless you want YOUR dirty laundry aired. I have been a lady up until now (unlike some people I was raised with manners and class), the gloves are about to come off 🙂

    Now, let’s get back to the title of t How would you like to be put in this position? Probably would be horrified, right? Well I got the honor and privilege, TWICE. This C U NEXT TUESDAY with barely a high school education had the ugly hairy teeth to do this first at my family function, and next at my boyfriend’s. How? She is my boyfriend’s EX. Now, to show you how I took the high road, I did not go to MY family function (my first cousins bar mitzvah), just so there would be no confrontation, both of us being there wouldn’t detract from the true occasion, and I honestly was SO OVER her public displays of bad behavior. I took the high road. This was not a distant relative, it was one I had a good relationship with. She knew her for a decade. She proceeded to say things to my family, in front of my kids. Stay classy!!

    Now this week really sent me over the edge. She gets invited to my BF’s sisters wedding out of courtesy. I wasn’t backing down. Sorry, not doing it.

    So the night went like this. Prior to leaving, her daughter has a full on meltdown because 1) her jewelry was all tangled beyond belief, and 2) she was desperately trying to quickly polish her nails. Epic fail. To a 16yr old, that can be a full on disaster if time is tight. I stopped her from breaking down, re polished her nails (with a full gel mani in 15 mins may add), and untangled the necklaces. Did I get a Thanks? No. I get thanked by Ms Unmannered by her badmouthing me all over this intimate wedding. While her DATE watched.

    I’ve kept my mouth shut, and kept away from my blog long enough (she and her trolls were blog stalking–yes ladies (and I use that term very loosely) I know you read and Google stalk me. Kindly go screw yourselves). I’m done with playing a doormat.

    I’m NOT sorry. Not a bit. Did I get her husband, yes. Am I sorry, No. Their marriage had been over as she had admitted in letters SHE WROTE TO HIM ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS 10 years earlier. Stupid, stupid woman sending them over here. So, the next time you tell someone I stole him from you, I am coming forward right now and telling EVERYONE are a big fat liar. YOU GAVE HIM AWAY BY BEING A MISERABLE BITCH FOR OVER 10 YEARS. Your marriage sucked, you were abusive to your spouse (you even physically attacked him, drawing blood–with witnesses in attendance to your outbursts). You even tried to have a relationship with MY EX when you thought it would serve your purpose. Don’t believe me, I have the texts, text logs, and emails to prove it. You are out witted here. I’m done, you will not play the victim anymore. The next time you badmouth me, I will start airing YOUR dirty laundry. You have been forwarned. And BTW…The gravy train is over, MD doesn’t like leeches.


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